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      News — Mascherine FFP2

      Mascherine FFp2- Facciamo un pò di chiarezza!

      FFp2 Masks - Let's do some clarity!

      Over 97 of the applications submitted to Inail for thela
      validation, according to the safety requirements, of
      masks, goggles, half-mask visors, gloves e
      shoes, had been rejected during the first phase. In
      just over a month, from the start of the procedurei
      validation, at the central offices of Inail in Rome areo
      1,700 cases were examined, of these only 62
      they have successfully passed the tests. In this listing
      there is a company in our group which has obtained lok’ok
      by the technical-scientific committee of the Instituteo
      central: it is the Fin Group Safety Division of Cividate Al
      Piano, which also got the month of June
      a further validation. It seems important, aa
      a few months after the beginning of the emergencyza
      COVID 19, especially for work activities, in which
      users must be equipped with the devices
      suitable individual protective type maskso
      FFP2 or FFP3, take stock of the situation. Indeedi
      during the initial phase of the pandemic the market is
      been invaded by hundreds of companies that have
      improvised distributors, offering products that
      they have also printed misleading CE marks. ButMa
      to try to shed some light on thesei
      articles, which by their nature of protection thata
      of the respiratory tract, are considered thirda
      category, i.e. with the highest standards,
      let's take stock of the situation, starting from
      before the emergency. On the market there wereno
      masks mostly imported from non-EU countries,),
      but that they followed all the procedures that each
      importer must normally do, that is
      submit them to certification by an Accredited Body that
      authorized to print his own code
      identifier next to the CE marking, a code
      this one of four digits, for example CE 1234, where i
      numbers represent the identity card of the entitye
      who checks them annually. This procedure
      on average it takes at least four months.
      With the Covid emergency, faced with the need fori
      have these products immediately available in
      large quantities, importers had to search
      mainly on the Chinese market, new suppliers
      with products not yet certified according to i
      European regulations on PPE. For this reason the
      law decree number 18 of last March 17 has
      delegated to validation, for devices of
      individual protection FFP2, FFP3 masks3)
      Inail, while at the Istituto Superiore di Sanità forer
      surgical ones such as medical devices. Therefore
      at INAIL must be subjected to validatione

      masks without the CE mark. Caution
      however, that the CE marking without the codes
      identification of the Entity authorized as abovera
      specified, constitute a markinga
      fraudulent, and it is a deceptive method of doing
      believe those who buy them that they are in order. To this
      this is reported by numerous inspectors of
      Notified Bodies, which are in circulation thousands of
      false certifications, often of entities that with the
      masks have nothing to do therefore
      it is essential to check when purchasing
      first of all if the CE marked products have i
      requirements listed above, and in the case of masks
      without this marking that the supplier to whom you are
      addresses has obtained validation from Inail, listo
      which can be consulted directly on the website www.inail.it.
      We asked an expert, who provided us with the
      regulatory references to draw up our investigation
      what do you think of the situation of chaos that has arisen
      to create, it is Stefano Galimberti in charge
      of the PPE certification sector of one of the major bodies
      Europeans: Certainly import and distribute thesei
      products cannot be entrusted to improvisation..
      They are in fact individual protective devices
      which must ensure the safety of workers, forr
      risks that can have huge consequences
      serious For this reason it is essential to contact
      specialized companies that are able to offer
      also a product that can be used in
      safety. In fact from some checks we are
      doing, it appears that some products passed off as
      FFP2 don't even reach performance
      provided for class FFP 1 which is the minimum
      required by the reference standard EN 149..